#EthSys Insights 3: Amy Wrzesniewski [1]

#EthSys Insights is a video series where we have experts answer questions about ethical systems design. For our third installment, we were fortunate to have a visit from Amy Wrzesniewski,  Associate Professor of Organization Behavior, Yale School of Management [2]. Amy answered the following questions for us and we recorded her responses (the video is 120 seconds long):

  1. What are the three orientations that people take to their work?

  2. How might fostering a calling orientation lead to a better ethical climate in organizations?

​You can quickly find out which of Amy's job orientation categories your current position falls into. Click on this link to the Authentic Happiness [3] website, register, and go to the "Questionnaires" tab, where you'll find the one titled "Work-Life."

The video is embedded below. Our sincere thanks to Amy for sharing her time and knowledge.

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