About the Survey

Module 1 of the Ethical Systems culture measurement tools is an Ethical Culture Survey that aims to help executives and managers understand employee perceptions of the firm’s culture with respect to various behaviors that researchers and academics believe constitutes an ethical corporate culture. Our team of academics and practitioners have researched, reviewed and refined each question and answer set to elicit and contextualize key responses from the survey to deeply analyze the most relevant components of an ethical culture.  

We invite you to download a sample report below to view the type of analysis and measurements, which our team can provide.


To learn more or to schedule a call to discuss the survey and your company, please email Azish Filabi, Ethical Systems CEO.


The Survey

Module 1, the Ethical Culture Survey, is comprised of 8 components of behaviors that researchers believe comprise an ethical organizational culture. We highly recommend that a company using the survey use questions relating to all components- like pieces of a puzzle, each component must come together to form an interconnected system.


Click on each piece below to see a definition of the term and sample questions for how to assess employee perceptions:


Companion Outcome Module

*Sample questions are not intended to be the definitive items for culture assessment.


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