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CEOs' Ethical Standards and the Limits of Compliance

[This essay was originally posted on The Conflict of Interest Blog.]

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A Beginner's Guide to Irrational Behavior

[This essay was originally posted on contributor Dan Ariely's personal blog.]

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Week That Was in Ethical Systems, 2/24-3/2

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Smart Businesses Noticing Return on Investment in Ethics

Ethical Systems had another mention in the press earlier this week, courtesy of contributor David Mayer, who was interviewed for an article regarding the latest report from the Ethics Resource Center on the decline of workplace misconduct.

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#EthSys Insights 1: Adam Grant

#EthSys Insights is a video series where we have experts answer questions about ethical systems design. For our first installment, we turn to contributor Adam Grant, Professor of Management at Wharton. We had the opportunity to ask Adam the following questions and record his responses (the longest video is only 81 seconds):

  1. What immediate steps might a company take to diagnose the state of its ethical culture?

  2. What is one way of fostering ethical conduct?

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Week That Was in Ethical Systems, 2/17-2/23

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Ethics Exchange: Ethics, Compliance, and Human Nature

[This conversation was originally posted at ECOA Connects.]

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Engaged Academics at Ethical Systems

Image via Wikimedia Commons. Academic research necessarily focuses
on the outer rings. Our goal is to condense much of that into the middle.
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Too close to the line: a convergence of culture, law and behavioral ethics

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Week That Was in Ethical Systems, 2/10-2/16

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